This is an ongoing project that started in 2023. I hardly ever do nothing. While waiting for the bus my mobile is my loyal companion. My mind is mostly busy making plans for the future or thinking about the past. It is my wish to feel less occupied and be more aware of distracting habits like checking my phone. In this project I will make my attention span, or the lack of it, visible. During an artist in residence I researched if I could be truly present in a Finnish forest. Below, I will show some photo's and video's from this project.

This is a photo of my bedroom. I kept a diary that day using arrows made of tape: if  my mind was in the future I made an arrow with tape to the right ->. If I was in the present the arrow is going up. If I was in the past, the arrow went to the left <-. I did this an entire day with an alarm that went of every half hour. It turns out my mind is mostly in the future, planning what to do next.

While I was reading my book, I noticed that I was constantly looking at my phone. That's why I decided to put down a thread every time I wanted to pick up my mobile. I did this for 2.5 hours.
What does it mean to be truly present?

In September 2023 I was in an artist in residence in Finland. Here is a short text based on my diary during my stay:  
" What does it mean to truly be somewhere? What does it mean to be in this place? To stop myself from always being on the go without feeling grounded, I decided to visit the same place every day. It's a spot in a Finnish forest near the remote house where I stayed for two more weeks. I would sit there alone on a small 4 by 4 meter plot surrounded by four trees. I went at different times of the day, hoping to become familiar with the essence of this place, to let the environment come to me. Those four trees, the big rock, the low bushes, and the spiderwebs. I was curious about how this place would affect me, and I wanted to capture that in photos. I guess I hoped to find peace of mind, and I thought this place could give it to me. “
Film still from the video 'Grip'. 
Film fragment from the video 'Grip'. 
Film still from the video 'Clearing'.
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