This project is a work in progress. I hardly ever do nothing. While waiting for the bus my mobile is my loyal companion. My mind is mostly busy making plans for the future or thinking about the past. It is my wish to feel less occupied and be more aware of distracting habits like checking my phone. In this project I will try to practice myself in having attention.
At the moment I start to get a sence of direction after trying out many different things. In this project I will work a lot with fixing materials into my direct environment and doing this with full attention. I will for example fix wires or tape throughout the environment I’m in. That might be in nature or another space like my bedroom. The patterns and lines that I make symbolizes the direction of my attention. This action of fixating materials also help me with fixating my focus. Manipulating my environment by using these materials is an attempt to control something uncontrollable since my mind will always wander off elsewhere. The application of materials feel like performance art to me.  I also will use video and other media to capture these performance art like activities.

This is a photo of my bedroom. I kept a diary that day using arrows made of tape: if  my mind was in the future I made an arrow with tape to the right ->. If I was in the present the arrow is going up. If I was in the past, the arrow went to the left <-. I did this an entire day with an alarm that went of every half hour. It turns out my mind is mostly in the future, planning what to do next.

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