I'm intrigued by how we interact with our surroundings. Through my work, I delve into the tension between the idealized connection we desire with our environment and the actual reality. The city we live and work in might cause us stress, or our busy minds might distract us from seeing the simple beauty of our surroundings. The tendency we have to intervene sometimes conflicts with our values.
My wish is to always take in my direct environment with full attention and curiosity. The most important thing to me is to feel connected to my surroundings: the people, home, nature and work. My background in biology is definitely reflected in the willingness to look at details and recognize beauty on a small patch of ground normally overlooked. In my profession I look at how our actions impact the surroundings and how actions on a small scale can have effects on the bigger scale. I would like to let people stand still for a moment and see, regardless of what is in front of them. I believe this helps us create a better relationship to our environment and maybe we then treat our surroundings a bit better.

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