Some photo and video diary fragments from 2023, documenting my attention span.

This is a photo of my bedroom. I kept a diary that day using arrows made of tape: if  my mind was in the future I made an arrow with tape to the right ->. If I was in the present the arrow is going up. If I was in the past, the arrow went to the left <-. I did this an entire day with an alarm that went of every half hour. It turns out my mind is mostly in the future, planning what to do next.

While I was reading my book, I noticed that I was constantly looking at my phone. That's why I decided to put down a thread every time I wanted to pick up my mobile. I did this for 2.5 hours.
A little reminder to do nothing. I always want to do so many things, some of which fill my head even though they are not important to do. Therefore, when I think of something unnecessary to do, I'll place an empty sticky note.
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