Out of desire to fully experience my surroundings, I decided to practice my attention span on a single 4x4 meter spot in a remote forest in Finland in September 2023. I went at different times of the day, hoping to become familiar with the essence of this place, to let the environment come to me. I wanted to explore the impact that these repeated visits had on my sense of presence and wanted to learn whether my relationship with the place would evolve. I captured my experience through both photography and writing in a diary. 
'What does it mean to truly be somewhere?'
"I realize that although I had a willingness to be there, it was overshadowed. Visiting this place had immediately turned into a project for me, one tied to goals, productivity, and expected outcomes."
"During my final days in Finland, going to my spot became a daily routine. I desired to be there, like a reunion with a beloved friend. I started letting go of the pressure to achieve specific goals. I realized that, although my plan didn’t exactly unfold as I had hoped, there was a connection between me and the space. We had grown familiar with each other. We tuned in."
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